How to create a group?

A selection of the best social networks and messenger clients to create a group and bring together people with the same interests or hobbies.


How to create a whatsapp group?

To create a group, these are the steps you have to do:


- Once you open Whatsapp, make sure it is on the tab CHATS

Look for the threepoint icon which is normally located at the top-right of Whatsapp, you can also find the option in the New Chat icon.

- Select the option NEW GROUP

- In the next step you have to select one of your contacts, unfortunately it is not possible to create a whatsapp group without adding at least one participant from your contact list.

Write a subject. This will be the name of the group and will be visible to all participants.

- Click on the green tick once you have everything set up.

You've already created the group.


Below is an official Whatsapp video, where you can see the whole process.


How to create an invitation link to a Whatsapp group?

If you are the administrator of a Whatsapp group, inviting a person to that group via a link is very easy and can be done in very few steps.

- Open the Whatsapp group and click on the subject of the title (group title)

- Click on Group invitation link.

Choose from the different options available.

  • Copy the link to insert it somewhere, or upload it to sites like so that other people can find the group.
  • You can send a link via whatsapp.
  • Share the link via other social networks, gmail, save it to Drive.
  • Cancel the link so no one can use it.


Video on how to create a Whatsapp group link.


How to create a Telegram group?

To create a Telegram group, these are the steps you have to take:

- Once opened Telegram in Android, you have to open the menu by clicking on the icon of the three bars and click on New Group, in PC the operation is the same.

- In the next step, you will have to 'click' on a user and click on next.

- Now you have to assign a name to the group, and add an image that defines the group.

- Once everything is done you can click on the blue tic.

Groups can have

  • Up to 200,000 members
  • Persistent chat history.
  • Public links title
  • Administrators with different permissions

In this video you can see step by step how to create a Telegram  group;

Video to create a Telegram group


Make the group public so that it can help people.


Once you have created a group, in many cases by default it is marked as a private group.

In order to transform the group into a public one you have to carry out the following steps.

- Once inside the chat, click on the group title.

- Click on the icon of the line.

Search the option Type of group and click on it.

- Select the option public group.


How do you invite people to a Telegram group?

To invite someone to your Telegram group you have two options, one manual and the other more automatic.


To invite a user who has a Telegram user you have to follow the following steps.


- Access the group of Telegram you've created.

- Click on the group title.

- Click on the three-point icon.

- Click on the Search members.

- Click on the add members.

- Click on the member or use the search engine to find the user you want add.


To invite a user via an invitation link


- Access the group of Telegram you've created.

- Click on the group title .

- Click on pencil icon.

- Click on group type.

- Below you will find the invitation link and you can copy the link or unlink.

- Send the link to whoever you want or link it to a website like / / / / so that other interested people can find your group.


How to create a Facebook group?

To create a Facebook group, here are the steps you need to take:


- Once you open Facebook on PC you will find on the top bar a button that indicates 'Create', then you can select the option 'Group'. In Android you can find it at the top by pressing the icon that comes out three multiples echoes and press Create.

- You will have to fill the group with a name and picture, then ask you for the type of privacy you want to assign to the group.

-Now all you have to click CREATE

These data can be modified without any problem later on.


┬┐How do I invite people to my Facebook group?

You can invite people to your Facebook group in two ways.

- On the sidebar you will find the Invite Members option, where you can select members you know or don't know, as well as add email addresses to invite people.

- Copying the url of the group and send it directly by email or another messenger client to the user you want to enter your group.