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Thanks for visiting us, at Neargroups we try to create an open, dynamic website with many options to interact, although sometimes some sections can be a bit confusing. That's why we encourage you to contact us with any doubt at [email protected].

Are there any group that do not comply with the rules?

At Neargroups we try to provide a healthy and fun website, but if you feel that a group does not meet the standards you can ask us to review it by going to their profile and clicking on Report Group or by sending us an email to [email protected].

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If you have doubts about the page, questions or want to report us any error of the page please contact us at [email protected] (Remember to indicate the city from where you write)

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If you would like to collaborate with Neargroups, we would be delighted to hear from you at [email protected]

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If you wish to unsubscribe a group of Neargroups you can do so by making a request to [email protected].