Whatsapp tutorials

When we have some free time, it is always fun to chat with friends, cousins and family by WhatsApp, and in the end we have become specialists in apps like Whatsapp, but we do not always know how to perform all the steps or configure all the options correctly. In this section we collect everything you need to know about Whatsapp, tutorials, guides and articles step by step to learn how to make Whatsapp work like a pro. Discover the best tutorials in English about Whatsapp and how to use the app.

tutorials How to create a whatsapp group?
Learn how to create whatsapp groups in an easy and intuitive way. Discover the steps to create a whatsapp group easily in a few seconds.
tutorials How to create an invitation link to a Whatsapp group?
Discover in an easy step-by-step way how to create an invitation link to invite other people to your Whatsapp group. Guide to create an invitation link
tutorials Social networks where to create a group
A selection of the best social networks and messaging clients to create a group to bring together people with the same interests or hobbies.
tutorials New privacy settings for whatsapp groups
Whatsapp has recently launched a series of measures to increase the privacy of Whatsapp groups by giving you better control over your group experience.
tutorials Easy tricks for Whatsapp groups
Discover easy tricks to use in your Whatsapp groups, a series of tips or guides for surviving a Whatsapp group. Whatsapp tricks.
tutorials How to avoid being added to a Whatsapp group?
Discover the quickest and most effective way for anyone to add you to a Whatsapp group without your permission, prevent anyone from adding you to a Whatsapp group