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Friendship whatsapp groups, Whatsapp group list in 2023. A list of the best Whatsapp groups of friendship from every city in the world.

  • Whatsapp Legends never die
    Respect is the culture, anything you want to know call de admin 0707687426

    Bweyogerere Bweyogerere

    📈 16

  • Whatsapp Photographer 🌎
    A group to put photographs and show people who love to see the world throug...

    Cochabamba Cochabamba

    📈 10

  • Whatsapp Love in world
    The group for Find love or friendship, create friendships or loves regardle...

    Cochabamba Cochabamba

    📈 34

  • Whatsapp Friendship
    Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendshi...

    Ahipara Ahipara

    📈 189

  • Whatsapp Takoradi hookup girls
    Fine girls can join let build the world a better place. Invite your frien...

    Takoradi Takoradi

    📈 185

  • Whatsapp friends of the world
    Whatsapp group to meet friends from all over the world to talk and make fri...

    London London

    📈 298

    Groups of viral videos, memes and funny jokes, enter and have a lot of fun ...

    Mumbai Mumbai

    📈 124

  • Whatsapp Kenya teans
    Group to meet people from Kenya and make new friends. Group to meet people ...

    Nairobi Nairobi

    📈 184

  • Whatsapp India friendship
    Group to meet people in India, log in to discover the group.

    Mumbai Mumbai

    📈 91

  • Whatsapp Fairste IBF-Welt
    👀🦋 You-ve never made new friends like this The first IBF group with i...

    Gustrow Gustrow

    📈 77

  • Whatsapp Latinos in Texas
    👀This group is only for friendship or to get something more by private, ...

    Texas City Texas City

    📈 201

  • Whatsapp Friends around the world
    Do you want to meet new people and hang out? Welcome in This a group to ...

    Mumbai Mumbai

    📈 140

  • Whatsapp Friendship
    Do you want to chill and meet new people? Jump in and hang out Here you-...

    Islamabad Islamabad

    📈 303

  • Whatsapp 👏👏Best parenting 👏👏👏
    This is an adult whatsApp group to get tips and tricks on offspring and par...

    Mumbai Mumbai

    📈 48

  • Whatsapp CHŪTIĀ
    If you want to hangout and meet new people, this is your group Here you-ll ...

    Noida Noida

    📈 58

  • Whatsapp Enjoy life with friends.
    Have fun with a lot of friends Learn a lot of things or dare

    Kampala Kampala

    📈 101

  • Whatsapp Best friend
    Best friend Best friend Best friend Best friend Best friend Best friend

    Karachi Karachi

    📈 91

  • Whatsapp Friends and Hobbies
    Welcome to our group. Join us to meet new people, make friends, share hobbi...

    Mumbai Mumbai

    📈 46

  • Whatsapp Mature friends
    We continue to learn from each other even though we are of a certain age. L...

    Oakland Oakland

    📈 102

  • Whatsapp Federation of Disabled right
    We are a non-profit organization. We work hard and actively to accompany pe...

    Mumbai Mumbai

    📈 23

  • Whatsapp Freaks and Fun
    Welcome to Freaksland Let-s chat, share and have lot-s of fun together. Our...

    Los Angeles Los Angeles

    📈 115

  • Whatsapp World 🌍 of mystery
    Be careful of who you are what you do what you say how you treat others how...

    Palmyra Atoll Palmyra Atoll

    📈 38

  • Whatsapp Different people
    Have fun and no advertising learn about others and yourself your not alone ...

    Johannesburg Johannesburg

    📈 105

    To unite single ladies and men in kenya. To build friendship all over the w...

    Nairobi Nairobi

    📈 224

  • Whatsapp Happiness positivity Life meaning
    This group is for people from all over the world to make good friends and t...

    Perth Perth

    📈 50

  • Whatsapp Japa Travel Jobs
    my WhatsApp group link for travelling and international job opportunities. ...

    Lagos Lagos

    📈 23

  • Whatsapp Abuja connect
    A platform to connect to new people and maybe aquire new Friends in the cit...

    Abuja Abuja

    📈 44

  • Whatsapp Agosasa Community High S.
    This group has been created for the purpose of leaning. Don-t post irreleva...

    Lagos Lagos

    📈 15

  • Whatsapp British official platform
    British official platform,us strictly for British citizens. Always be open ...

    London London

    📈 84

  • Whatsapp Bangladesh
    Bangladesh, All friends every country chats, messages Meets new people of a...

    Comilla Comilla

    📈 28

  • Whatsapp The Arab world
    An Arab group to get to know every Arab country and get to know people from...

    Algiers Algiers

    📈 40

  • Whatsapp GERNET. ME FUTURO
    This group is ment for people to socialise with others.. get to know THem a...

    Nairobi Nairobi

    📈 39

  • Whatsapp Make new friends
    helping each other If someone behaves rudely, he will be kicked out peace g...

    Surrey Surrey

    📈 81

  • Whatsapp Pakistan Dating
    Just do it🌶back again new life new dreams come on come to enjoy make you...

    Lahore Lahore

    📈 98

  • Whatsapp The Nerd Squad
    This group is for everyone who wants an open and Constructive discussion on...

    Kolkata Kolkata

    📈 20

  • Whatsapp Meet New Friends
    Join and meet new friends from around the world to chat and vibe with Who k...

    Lagos Lagos

    📈 66

  • Whatsapp Vent your feelings here
    Share your feelings here No judging anybody Sharing of feelings through tex...

    New Delhi New Delhi

    📈 18

  • Whatsapp We Stand Together
    We Stand Together is a global community of friends on the journey of healin...

    New Delhi New Delhi

    📈 11

  • Whatsapp THE MOMENT
    A social friendship zone make new friends meet new people all over the worl...

    Abbeville Abbeville

    📈 164

  • Whatsapp Teen friends
    It-s a new freshly started group for teens. We don-t even have a profile pi...

    Kurunegala Kurunegala

    📈 261

  • Whatsapp बहुजन समाज पा
    बहुजन समाज पार्टी बिहार

    Abhaneri Abhaneri

    📈 262

  • Whatsapp رضوی کمانڈو فورس
    Join My WhatsApp group Rizvi commando force Islamic group

    Islamabad Islamabad

    📈 308

  • Whatsapp 𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓴𝓮𝓷 𝓗𝓮�
    Доброго времени вас в нашу группу в кото�...

    Abadzekhskaya Abadzekhskaya

    📈 385

  • Whatsapp Friends zone
    Feel free No personal promotions No bullying No videos of such No hate ...

    Airdrie Airdrie

    📈 608

  • Whatsapp Akwa Ibom Empowerment forum
    #Community Update many M🫥RE

    Uyo Uyo

    📈 546

  • Whatsapp Nicaraguans in the United States
    Hello, this group is for Nicaraguan people in the United States.

    San Antonio San Antonio

    📈 609

  • Whatsapp Miami/Broward
    Meet New People in Miami, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hall...

    Hollywood Hollywood

    📈 1009

  • Whatsapp Yaduvanshi
    Only yadav hi es group me join lenge or Sab yadav bhai ko join lenge

    Purnia Purnia

    📈 643

  • Whatsapp story of the day
    This is a wattsup group for short moral stories with valuable lessons. be ...

    Entebbe Entebbe

    📈 922

  • Whatsapp factsFUNNYbutTRUE
    This group is all about funny FACTS. join so that we can keep a smile on yo...

    Masaka Masaka

    📈 967

  • Whatsapp Black White Overseas
    For those who want to meet the soul mate overseas. You know sometimes our ...

    Maputo Maputo

    📈 1074

  • Whatsapp ꀘꀬꊂꁅ ꆯꂹꆭꆭꊂ ꅏꆭ
    🔞Verboten BEI EINTRITT VORSTELLUNG, Bild, Name, Alter und Wohnort Str...

    Sigmaringen Sigmaringen

    📈 1120

  • Whatsapp ₱H₳₦₮Ѻ₼ ₩€₹฿Ʉ�
    🔞Verboten BEI EINTRITT VORSTELLUNG, Bild, Name, Alter und Wohnort Str...

    Sigmaringen Sigmaringen

    📈 1042

  • Whatsapp BlAzE Up~OdDs😏😎💯
    Here to make every individual win games free😁.... Never be afraid to inv...

    Aburi Aburi

    📈 909

  • Whatsapp Just for talking
    This is a new group mix of girls and boys from all countries , Please be r...

    Tipasa Tipasa

    📈 1319

  • Whatsapp SHS 1 Newbies
    Only friendship.No porn is allowed also no advertisements and sharing of us...

    Kumasi Kumasi

    📈 1205

  • Whatsapp GEKYUME
    Universe of thought for all. Don-t be afraid of anything, make friends of ...

    Ikeja Ikeja

    📈 658

  • Whatsapp Diffrent
    Have fun and no advertising learn about others and yourself your not alone ...

    Houston Houston

    📈 550

  • Whatsapp Money must be made
    To make and meet new people all over the world to bring love unity and joy....

    Apalachicola Apalachicola

    📈 302

  • Whatsapp Analysis of Philosophy
    Here-s a Philosophy group on WhatsApp where you can discuss and debate on v...

    Jhang City Jhang City

    📈 165

  • Whatsapp Romantic Empire
    Here is a cool place for us, so we all here are friends,if u are in another...

    Accra Accra

    📈 471

  • Whatsapp Y😇O😂l❤️O

    Lagos Lagos

    📈 245

  • Whatsapp 💙❤️Friendship❤️💙
    This group is to make friends from all over the world. They can talk whatev...

    Los Angeles Los Angeles

    📈 999

  • Whatsapp __teens...arenaa
    fun😊...Share reels of your 🌎...Get to know much and manyy... STRICTLY...

    Ahero Ahero

    📈 825

  • Whatsapp Imran khan
    buy gus I am daily whatap group sealer I am honest man Pakistani people is ...

    Attock City Attock City

    📈 162

  • Whatsapp Update nation
    You can make money by joining this group within 24hours and the group is ab...

    Ibadan Ibadan

    📈 254

  • Whatsapp Mixed Reactions
    Active group for socializing Make friends from all over the world I prom...

    Nairobi Nairobi

    📈 451

    Our Aim Is To help People And Build The Future Together, We Need Active Mem...

    Aburi Aburi

    📈 416

  • Whatsapp Friends Forever
    Friendship Group Friendship Group Friendship Group Friendship Group Fri...

    Agios Tychon Agios Tychon

    📈 323

  • Whatsapp Bee star
    Am a boy with zero worry love u guys Chat up an dont snumb an also am bee ...

    Aba Aba

    📈 221

    This is a group that will help in a step by step application into internati...

    Lagos Lagos

    📈 147

  • Whatsapp Paracetamol
    This group is only for chat so pls don-t post porn Don-t spam Don-t pro...

    Burlington Burlington

    📈 315

  • Whatsapp USA friendship group
    USA friendship group USA Friendship Group this is a friendship whasapp ...

    Barcelona Barcelona

    📈 672

  • Whatsapp Chat house
    Where anyone is free to express any thoughts, feelings,. Meet new people a...

    Kampala Kampala

    📈 575

  • Whatsapp Allover
    Everyone z welcome,just be free and feel free. We chat,meet,laugh,get pisse...

    Kampala Kampala

    📈 328

  • Whatsapp Portable fans group
    Accept all country to enter this group this group is for fun and selling th...

    Osogbo Osogbo

    📈 266

  • Whatsapp HIGH-S
    This group is created in order to make friends from all over the world, kno...

    Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

    📈 241

  • Whatsapp Fun Zone
    Join the group let’s have fun This group is not meant for any naughty a...

    Accra Accra

    📈 454

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