New privacy settings for whatsapp groups

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       1556     02/08/2019

New privacy settings for whatsapp groups


Whatsapp has recently launched a series of measures to increase the privacy of Whatsapp groups providing you with better control over your group experience.

The new privacy setting system helps you decide who can add you to a group.

To activate it in Whatsapp you have to follow these steps.

Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups

Once inside you can choose from the following options

No one: means that you will have to give your approval to join any group you are invited to
My contacts : means that only contacts in your Contact List can be added to Whatsapp groups.
All: Anyone can join a Whatsapp group.

If a person is unable to join you because of limited privacy settings, they will be instructed to send you a private invitation via individual chat. You will have three days to accept the invitation before it expires.

We hope that with these adjustments we can control a little more the current lack of control of the groups to which one is added, sometimes without wanting to be in that group.