How to create a Facebook group?

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       685     22/06/2019

How to create a Facebook group?


To create a Facebook group, here are the steps you need to take:


- Once you open Facebook on PC you will find on the top bar a button that indicates 'Create', then you can select the option 'Group'. In Android you can find it at the top by pressing the icon that comes out three multiples echoes and press Create.

- You will have to fill the group with a name and picture, then ask you for the type of privacy you want to assign to the group.

-Now all you have to click CREATE

These data can be modified without any problem later on.


¿How do I invite people to my Facebook group?


You can invite people to your Facebook group in two ways.

- On the sidebar you will find the Invite Members option, where you can select members you know or don't know, as well as add email addresses to invite people.

- Copying the url of the group and send it directly by email or another messenger client to the user you want to enter your group.